Andrija Prlainović: Change yourself. Change your attitude towards the environment, the street where you live, the park where your children play. The willing find a way, the unwilling find an excuse. Don’t litter, no excuses!

Dejan Lutkić: This land belongs to us, this country belongs to all our people. This home belongs to us, and this home belongs to all our children. This is the Danube, this is not a litter bin. That is the Sava, the Sava is also not a litter bin. Litter bins are placed in designated spots. Don’t litter, no excuses!


Nikola Đuričko: The state of our streets, parks and the entire country is our responsibility. The level of cleanliness depends solely on us. Don’t let us live surrounded by litter. Litter should be put in the bin, not beside the bin or on a park bench. Litter should be in the dumpster and not in the school yard or in front of the building. Don’t litter, no excuses!


Ana Stanić: It takes so little to make our country cleaner and more beautiful. Hold on to trash until you find a litter bin, it can’t be far away. Don’t litter, no excuses!

Tamara Salaški: Valjevo or Belgrade, Novi Sad or Kragujevac, there is no difference. We all live in Serbia, why not keep it clean? Don’t litter, no excuses!


Starting from its launch of operations, United Group traditionally invests into projects aiming to improve employees’ quality of life within corporate socially responsible projects, as well as in projects supporting individuals, organisations and institutions.

As the United Group expanded, ideas and desires to improve our community through unique programs were growing, too. During time, the programs were becoming bigger and more demanding in scope so we’ve decided to make the next step, totally new to us – launching of the United Group Foundation.

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United Group is the largest alternative telecom provider in the region that operates in two main business segments: telecommunication platforms and media (content and advertising). It has the broadest network coverage in the region and provides services of the highest quality.

UG 2016

Revenues LTM €459.7 mil.

Employees FTE 3,069

Homes passed 1.57 mil.

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