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As the United Group comprises of the top operators in the region, we deeply believe that everybody has the right to be informed. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power that changes the world. By providing people with information through various contents we are opening new horizons and igniting the inspiration spark.

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This inspires and promotes social changes while aiming towards constant improvement of standard of living. The balance between our economic and social responsibility goals is achieved by putting our proficiency and available resources into service of those who need it most – all in order to set higher norms in all areas of life in the community in which we are operating.

Starting from its launch of operations, United Group traditionally invests into projects aiming to improve employees’ quality of life within corporate socially responsible projects, as well as in projects supporting individuals, organisations and institutions. Our aim is to find a way to direct our services and projects towards positive changes in society.

As the United Group expanded, ideas and desires to improve our community through unique programs were growing, too. During time, the programs were becoming bigger and more demanding in scope so we’ve decided to make the next step, totally new to us – launching of the SBB Foundation. In the beginning, The SBB Foundation is to be established in Serbia – United Group’s biggest market, under auspices of United Group member companies headed by SBB, which is currently the biggest group member operating at Serbian market. The plan is to spread the Foundation activities onto the regional markets as well in the future.

Goal of the SBB Foundation is to support and improve areas of social rights and health care, art, culture, science and education as well as area of the environment protection and sustainability.

Management Board of SBB Foundation is represented by esteemed professionals from various fields including the well-known names from public arena.

Like the United Group, Foundation has the vison of developing society by creating programs that are fully tailored to meet the needs of community in which the Group operates.

Each individual and/or community plays an Important role in tailoring and implementing of United Group’s chosen programs – everybody is welcome to share their proposals and join via link “how to apply”, as well as each of many valuable partners with whom we have already carried out significant number of socially responsible actions.