PROGRAM JEZGRO (THE CORE) – Functional Families Support Program

JEZGRO program is established as United Group’s initiative in order to support functional families in Serbia living on the verge of existence.

Main idea of the Program is to support family – the core unit of each and every healthy society, and to subsequently contribute to generall situation of the society.

Key criteria for entering the selection pool of the Program:

  • Family members:
    • Need to have clean record without criminal convictions – court confirmation from the territory of RS is mandatory.
    • Have to be citizens of Republic of Serbia – citizenship certificate is mandatory
    • Have to have valid health insurance – copy of the valid document is mandatory. After expiry of each validity period of the healthcare document, copy proving the validity period extension has to be submitted.
  • Children have less than 19 years – birth certificate copy and original for verification are mandatory.
  • Children regularly attend classes at school and are making progress in educational system within timeline according to the law – submission of confirmation letter concerning the abovementioned issued by the respective school is mandatory
  • Unemployed parent will switch to employed status as soon as conditions for that are fulfilled – confirmation from the Labour Office about the unemployed parent status and regular interest in new employment offerings is mandatory.

NOTE: Families remain within the program till their oldest child turns 19. Even then, prolongation of participation in the Program and continuation of dotation is possible for as long as adult child has the status of a regular student.

Donation scope – for families entering the Program:

  • Donation per family in the Program will be 14.000 RSD on a monthly basis. Main purpose of the donation is to cover basic apartment rent costs
  • As an additional benefit, next to financial support mentioned, all the families selected to participate in  United Group Foundation’s program JEZGRO will be provided with free of charge services of cable/Total TV satellite television, Wi Fi, as well as standard phone services package (to be paid by data transfer)