Initiative to clean-up Serbia becomes major campaign

The initiative to clean-up Serbia, which SBB launched in 2015, has grown into a comprehensive campaign titled “Don’t litter. No excuses!”. The campaign is organized by the SBB Foundation, SBB and Total TV, with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of environmental protection. Its significance was quickly recognized, which encourages us to work together to bring about a change in behavior and live in a much cleaner Serbia.

As part of the campaign, mobile teams of cleaners are cleaning Belgrade on a daily basis, and on the weekends we organize cleaning activities in other Serbian towns.

On the official FB page “Don’t litter. No excuses!” everybody can suggest further activities, join upcoming ones and contribute to creating more responsible behavior towards our country.

Motivational messages from about 30 celebrities from the world of sports, music and acting have received hundreds of thousands of views on FB.

We draw everybody’s attention, and adapt communication and activities to different generations. We have donated 16 new playgrounds to 16 towns in Serbia, and in the upcoming period we will organize performances of the children’s play “Who is littering over there”.

Follow us, join us. Don’t litter. No excuses!