„Young talents”, the most talented kids awarding program has been established and initially implemented by SBB company in 2015, targeting its employees and their families. After establishing of SBB Foundation further implementation of the “Young Talents” program goes under the wing of the Foundation.

Program scope in 2015 covers awards to 10 children for their extraordinary achievements – all according to selection criteria previously established. For each of these 10 extraordinary children, SBB Foundation will provide 150.000 RSD.

Till this very moment, SBB has selected six most successful young talents fulfilling mentioned criteria for the award. Winners of the remaining four awards will be known till the end of 2015, of course pending the confirmation that submitted applications fulfil the criteria.

Key criteria applicants need to fulfil to enter the „Young Talents” program:

  1. To have less than 18 years.
  2. That her/his parent has been employed in SBB d.o.o. for 5 years or more.
  3. That she/he won one of top three places at regional and/or competitions of higher ranking.
  4. Diplomas, medals, video materials (max 30 sec) and/or any other generally accepted evidence of  top achievement at significant competitions – to be submitted via application available on Intranet
  5. the program, and to provide in writing the main reasons why the sponsorship should be awarded to her/him.

Main goal of this Program is to support and motivate extra efforts and development of young talents. SBB Foundation intends to maintain this Program and continue with its development in years to come.