Our Goals

SBB Foundation aims to provide support to individuals, families, organizations and institutions. Our main activities help and support following areas:

Social care and healthcare

  • Individuals and families in need of welfare aid
  • Individuals with special needs and associations aiding people with special needs
  • Improvement of social care and healthcare – caring about children and young people, providing aid to elderly citizens, supporting and awarding individuals, institutions and organisations providing healthcare, social care and/or any type of support to the groups in need of welfare benefits.

Art, culture, science and public information activities

  • Supporting and awarding individuals, institutions and organisations dealing with
    • Scientific and other types of research, artistic work, as well as the ones who contribute in the fields of culture, science and education
    • Development, education, security, employment and upbringing of children and young people
  • Promotion and development of culture and public information


  • Promoting and supporting sports talents, children’s sports clubs and developing sports

Environment protection and animal protection

  • Support to projects related to environmental protection, animal protection and education about ecology in general