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Our Management Board

SBB Foundation Management Board consists of proven experts with international experience in fields of economy, finance, media, law and business – all professionals of the highest ethics. Management Board members have task to steer Foundation strategy and operations so as to ensure fulfilment of goals stated in the Statute aligned with United Group’s key values and ethical norms, in a manner optimal for the society in general. SBB Foundation Management Board members’ exceptional profiles additionally strengthen confidence in significant influence Foundation will have as well as in transparency of its operations.

Dragica Pilipović Čefi Vice President Corporate Affairs of United Group

Ms. Pilipović Chaffey – Vice President Corporate Affairs of United Group. Member of SBB company’s top management team since 2008. From 2009 till 2015 holds position of SBB’s General Manager. In international economy & finance area Ms Pilipović Chaffey is recognised as person of excellent references and exceptional professional experience achieved during fulfilling responsible roles within international financial institutions: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Since the very beginning, Ms Pilipović Chaffey has been the key person for initiating and implementing all socially responsible projects, first within SBB company, and then within United Group. Ms. Pilipović Chaffey, now President of SBB Foundation, leads the team which is taking care of United Group’s corporate social responsibility.

Victoriya Boklag Vice President of Marketing and Media for the United Group and CEO SBB

Ms. Boklag – member of SBB company since 2002. She serves as Vice President of Marketing and Media for the United Group since 2013. Years of experience in the telecommunications market, industry knowledge and business opportunities contributed to the more convincing and more efficient work of the company. From July 2016 she is the CEO of SBB Serbia BroadBand.
She will share and apply her knowledge and experience as a board member of SBB Foundation.

Jugoslav Ćosić TV N1 Program Director

Mr. Ćosić – TV N1 Program Director, to the general public known as excellent journalist of high moral values and unblemished ethics. Mr. Ćosić has been present on Serbian public media scene for more than 15 years during which he gained unique experience while working on the most challenging projects including the widely recognized shows: “60 Minuta“, „Poligraf“, „Između redova“, „Između dve vatre“ and „Pressing“. During and after NATO bombing of Serbia he was reporting for Radio Free Europe. As a recognition of his achievements, Mr. Ćosić’s has recieved numerous prestigious awards in journalism, such as “Milan Pantić“, „Stanislav Staša Marinković“ and „Ricardo Ortega-UN“. He is author of the book „Vreme Sna – Terra Incognita”.

Vladan Jovanović Legal Representative and Advisor of SBB

Mr. Jovanović – legal representative and advisor of SBB, is one of the people with the longest employment record in SBB Company. He possesses exceptional knowledge and understanding of the Company and its operations, including the field of corporate social responsibility in which he has actively contributed during the last nine years. Therefore Mr. Jovanović has become mandatory member of the Foundation team. He has worked on the Foundation launch and continues to support its activities.

Nebojša Milosavljević Executive Assistant to General Manager and to Financial Manager of SBB

Mr. Milosavljević –Executive Assistant to General Manager and to Financial Manager of SBB, has provided in the past five years valuable support to the social responsibility segment within SBB. He has actively participated in each of its activities and contributed to the establishment of the foundation. Mr. Milosavljević will continue to provide his support as a member of the Foundations Management Board.

Jovana Lukić SBB Foundation Director

Ms. Lukić – Director of Corporate Communications in SBB company, posesses reach experience in communications area gained while working in several international companies present in Serbia. Ms. Lukić’s proficiency is backed up by significant number of successfully implemented corporate projects covering various fields of social responsibility, as well as a large number of fruitful partnerships with various companies and institutions. As SBB’s Communications representative, Ms. Lukić will take over operational lead of the SBB Foundation and will take care of successful implementation of planned goals, as well as of smooth incorporation of all segments of the Foundations’ operations.